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The UK’s first specialist and fully segregated Calisthenics gym featuring professional training equipment to help you transform your journey

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100% Results

We’ve got you covered with everything you require to achieve your goals. Our gym stocks every bit of equipment you need for your training- from the chalk, to the belt, to the bands - you can leave your gym bag at home and focus on crushing your session

Workout Facility
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The Gym

Our Methods
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Our Methods

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Body Control

Calisthenics is the art of body mastery and control. It is our mission to help you move your body with ease


We believe intensity equals growth. Workout should be quick and intense so you can push your body to the limit

Strength & Endurance

The beauty of the human body is in its physical capabilities. We want to help you unlock your capacity


Every effort is an achievement. Whatever your goal, our gym and our people will be with you every step of the way

Islamic Inspired Gym

At Muscle Basin Gym, we’re much more than just a gym – it’s a community. As an Islamic-inspired calisthenics center, we offer more than just a workout – we offer a lifestyle. We take great pride in uniting like-minded individuals who share the same dedication to health and fitness. With prayer mats provided, we encourage our clients to practice their faith

Prayer Mats


One thing that is crucial to us is that no music is played in our gym. We offer a variety of workout options, all while playing calming Qu'ran recitation to help you stay focused and motivated. Come join us and elevate your body and soul.

We recognise that faith is essential, and we provide prayer mats for our clients to practice their faith while they work out. The adhaan rings out through our speakers each prayer time, so our clients can stay connected to their spirituality


Eating dates is one of the most important aspects of a balanced diet. Dates are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our overall health. They are also a great source of natural sugar, making them an excellent pre-workout snack that provides an energy boost and keeps you going for longer

Miswak & Oud

Our changing rooms are stocked with Miswaks (traditional tooth brushes) and Oud (perfume), promoting personal hygiene and making your workout experience healthier. We believe that personal hygiene is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle


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