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The Academy

The MBG Academy is a specialised training and development programme established by Muscle Basin Gym. The primary goal of the academy is to identify, nurture, and train talented athletes to compete at the highest levels, both nationally and internationally. The academy aims to provide a comprehensive and elite-level training experience for athletes across various sports.

Why Choose MBG Academy?

Elite Training Programmes 

Recovery Programmes 

Experienced Coaches 

Benefit from specialised training programmes designed to boost performance and nurture your potential to compete at the highest levels.

Rest and Recover as hard as you train. Our Recovery Room houses a sauna and ice bath so you can benefit from the gifts of hot-cold therapy.

Work with a team of seasoned coaches who are committed to guiding and mentoring you throughout your athletic journey.

Outstanding Facilities

Community Engagement

Partners & Sponsors

Train in high quality facilities equipped with the latest equipment and recovery room to provide an optimal environment for your development.

Be part of a brotherhood that actively engages with local initiatives.

Benefit from potential partnerships and
sponsorships that support your journey to the top.

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What We Will Provide

- Uniform

- Competition Fees

- 1-2-1 Mentoring & Support

- Nutritional Advice

- Merch & Products

- Brand Partnerships & Sponsors

- Social Media & Marketing Advice

What We Need From You?

- Subscribe to the MBG Athlete Membership (£100 per month) or PT Membership.
- Commitment - Participate in at least 1 competition per year
- Regular communication with mentors and coaches.
- Attend monthly meetings with MBG Partners

How To Qualify?

  1. Complete and submit the MBG Academy online application form.

  2. Attend an interview with our MBG partners.

  3. Attend a physical assessment day to assess your fitness:


  4. Sign a contract to officially become a member of MBG Academy.

    Please click here to fill out the application form.

  • x10 Clean Muscle Ups

  • x20 Clean Pull Ups

  • x40 Clean Dips

  • Squats PR - minimum 100kg

  • x60 Push Ups

  • Cardio (only for endurance athletes) - 5km under 25 mins

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