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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Pull Up

Muscle Basin Gym is a segregated Calisthenics-focused gym in the heart of East London for both men and women – the first of its kind in the UK. Our gym provides the perfect space to start your fitness and Calisthenics journey and elevate your training.

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Our Story

Muscle Basin was born in the East End of London with its roots at the humble calisthenics park in Shadwell Basin. Our founders began their calisthenics journey at this very park and have since competed internationally and delivered workshops around the world. Whilst the pandemic had crushed fitness goals and threatened the physical and mental well-being of many, our founders sought to bring inspiration and educate millions across the world about the beauty of keeping fit through calisthenics.


The gym is not a commercial gym, but a gym made for our community to be able to access the health benefits through calisthenics at an affordable cost. The gym aspires to be inclusive of all ages, genders and provide a pricing strategy that strives to tackle income inequality. We are here to provide a service that takes away the financial burden keeping fit can sometimes bestow up us. Our business plan will incorporate community workshops, holiday activities and projects for beginners to start their fitness journey.


We recognised that going to the gym is more than just chasing gains, it’s about building and being part of a community that strengthens each other through unity.

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Meet The Team

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Who We Work With

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